Safety Gear for Small Animals – Green Book. A 220 page hardcover book fully illustrated in colour. Texts in French and in English by Johanne Sloan. Annette Hurtig, Bill Burns and Beth Seaton. Available at Amazon.com, MKG127, Toronto and Daviet-Thery Paris. Published by MOCCA Toronto, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, BC and Cal State Fullerton, Los Angeles, 2005.

offset and diazo print edition of 500 or 1000 each, boxed set is in an edition of 50

This is a five booklet boxed set. Each book contains a folded blueprint (diazo print) with rubber stamp instructions for unfolding. The books were published as follows:

  • Safety Gear for Small Animals, 303 Gallery, New York, 1994
  • Songs of Birds Wearing Safety Gear, Plug In Editions, Winnipeg, 1999
  • Footprints of Animals Wearing Safety Gear, William English Editions, London, England, 2000
  • Boiler Suits for Primates, Neutral Ground, Regina, Canada 2002
  • Scat of Animals Wearing Safety Gear, SGSA, Toronto, 2005