The Milk, the Goats, the Costume Maker, the Bees, the Honey, the Brass Band  (Gentiane Belanger, Noemi Fortin, Camille Vasquez,  Foreman Art Gallery, Bishops University, Lennoxville, Quebec 2023 

Other Recent Publications:

Record Launch, February 18, 2023 – 2:00-5:00 PM  at YYZ Artist’s Outlet, Toronto

Cornelia Lauf, Universal Gardens, The Artists Herbarium,  Art and Documentation/Sztukai i Dokumentacja: Gdansk, Poland 

Jody Berland, The export, the load, the price, the gift, catalogue essay, Dunlop Art Gallery : Regina 

Bill Burns, The Salt, the Oil, the Milk, Double Double, Ocean’s Pound : Toronto 

Julius Kob, Curating Disaster …, Journal of Cultural Economy, no. 5, vol. 13, Routledge : Oxford 

Ger Zielinski, On Observant Artists and Their Keepers, Topia, University of Toronto : Toronto 

Caroline Picard, Flickering Memoirs… an interview with Caroline Picard on Art21 : New York 

Current Projects:

The Great Trade, Bienal de Curitiba, Curitiba, Brazil,  November 2024 – March 2025

Bibliography, MKG127, Toronto, July 10 – August 19, 2023

Response-ability, curated by Yeni Ma, SomoS Art House, Berlin, February 2023

A Chant for the Bees, short film, winner best orignal sound : Proto Post Festival, Milan,  official selection :  Freedom Film Festival, Amsterdam, Fisura Festival,  Mexico City, 2023

The Container Ship … , Bishop’s University, Foreman Art Gallery, Sherbrooke, Quebec 2023

The Oil and the Milk, Lust and the Apple, Temple near Gorebridge, Scotland 2024

The Salt, the Milk, the Honey, the Country Singers, Dunlop Art Gallery, Regina, Saskatchewan 2022

Artist in Residence , Griffin Art Projects, North Vancouver, British Columbia 2022

The Donkey, the Goats, the Honey, the Milk, the Brass Band, the Georgian Chant at the Oculus Pavilion, Toronto 2021

Some Recent Projects:

_TH_5769 bee web