The Great Trade of Donkeys, Salt, Cheese, and Container Ships – letterpress print – Sao Paulo, Brazil

Current Projects:

Borderline Biennial of Contemporary Art, Remai Modern, Saskatoon, Canada, until winter 2021

The Salt, the Oil, the Milk, Lust and the Apple, Temple near Gorebridge by Edinburgh, Scotland, edition: 2020; exhibition: 2021

Frieze Art Fair, New York, viewing room MKG127 Gallery, 2020

Este Hogar es para Cabras, Biblioteca La Lechuza, Chajari, Argentina, 2020

The Salt, the Oil, the Honey, BookArtBooks, London: November 21 to December 7, 2019

Dogs and Boats and the Power 100:  music and sound works, with William English at Wavelength on Resonance Radio, London, November, 2019 and June 2020

Some Recent Articles:

Ger Zielinski, On Observant Artists and Their Keepers, Topia, University of Toronto Press : Toronto

Esmé Hogeveen, Hans Ulrich Obrist Hear Us, featuring Bill Burns, reviewed in the Art Book Book Review :  Los Angeles

Flickering Memoirs… an interview with Caroline Picard on Art21 : New York

Some Recent Projects:

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